The Blooming


The Blooming is the luscious dreamings of modern melancholy and sin.  Since 2017, members Elise Boulanger, and Sean Patton have been shaping a sonic sound ground in classical foundations, yet roaming in critical and contemporary realities.  

Basic Info

vancouver island, Canada

singer-songwriter, classical-pop, chamber-pop, art-pop, dark-pop

2017 - present

hi-res photos

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"an up and coming duo-band you better pay close attention to...It will be impossible not to follow this duo closely" - António Maria Bruges of Where the Music Meets 

"We were thrilled to have Elise and Sean from The Blooming join us at our On The Road Workshop Victoria - FULL. Performing on the grand piano in our hotel lobby for our Showcase Session, the duo stopped people passing by in their tracks as they captivated all our trainers and participants with their tunes. It's obvious to see how dedicated the duo is to their music simply from witnessing their beautiful harmonies and energy they create when performing together on stage." - BC Touring Council

"Your participation in our concerts contributed to some of the best audience sentiment we have ever received and made this year's event all that much more enjoyable" - Tidesmen A Cappella Chorus


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